Who's this Chic?


I am a regular very hard working mum of 2, that decided to ditch a degree in Science and pursue a business in Design and Print - my passion from a very young age. 

Yes, my business was born in 2013 out of a complete passion for all things art, design, print and paper.

I have learnt not only design - but the art of fine printing including letterpress and foil debossing from some very well known and well respected industry professionals - which I believe to be the BEST way to have learnt in this industry.

I am a creative soul and it’s safe to say I love weddings and babies equally as much! It is SO special that I get to meet clients at the happiest moment of their lives, and I understand that with all the happiness, comes the stress of planning the big events to celebrate these milestones. 

I can relate to the journey my clients are embarking on and love hearing all about their future plans. I take all this love and print it on paper!

Being a service based business I like to control the entire process from start to finish - ensuring my clients get the best result. While we have staff that assist with assembly and finishing, Ultimately my clients are most important to me and my business so I love taking them on a wonderful paper journey from the start!

Cveta is also co-founder of www.meetthementors.com.au

Offering private mentoring/consultations to those that want to get into business or build on an existing one!